星期三, 七月 26, 2006

Somehow, spam posts appeared here last night. That's really worrying. How did it happen? Password changed, and we'll see what happens.

星期二, 七月 25, 2006

Things never turn out as we expect. Mice and men, and all that. So, the company in Beijing didn't work out. I'm back in Singapore. And today... I graduate. The final conclusion of all the effort.

星期五, 一月 06, 2006

Tomorrow I'm flying back to Singapore for a week. I have a lot to do, but I already know that I won't accomplish everything I originally hoped to do. Still, it will be an important trip: I'll be trying to get my company started, and will be making a pitch to my first prospective client.

It's also going to be an emotional trip. When I first started this blog, as I started thinking about applying for an MBA, I never expected that a year and a half later I would be an entrepreneur in Beijing - it was always my plan to stay in Singapore and look for opportunities there! So much has happened that I never expected. While I'm still following the same principles in life as I always have, I know now that I have been changed so much by the MBA experience. I've learned so much, and see so many things in different ways. I've met so many interesting people, and learned so much from interacting with them. I hope some of them will continue to be friends, and will continue to teach me new things. It hasn't all been positive: MBA life has unleashed some strong, negative emotions, and has set me back in important ways. Being so tired for so long has diminished my enthusiasm for things that are important to me. I'll hav eto work hard in some areas just to get back to where I was a year and a half ago. When I look back at the day in June 2004 that I first arrived in a taxi at the graduate hall, I really have to wonder - how did that person become me? It's been a long road... This trip really will mark the end of it all as a formal, academic experience, though.

I wonder what will happen next? It will be exciting, I'm sure.

星期一, 一月 02, 2006

I'm glad to see that according to BusinessWeek, the market for MBAs is very healthy. Can't say I feel that way myself, at the moment, but I do make things difficult for myself.

So, let's take stock. I have one part-time job sorted out, with another startup. This one is more sales and marketing in its orientation, and I'm still working out the options. I have an application in for a staff post at a Chinese university, which wouldn't pay well but would be good in other ways. I think I have a good chance of getting this, and should hear in the next couple of days. I'm also trying to start my own company, which will take time to get going, but the others would keep me afloat financially until I know whether my company is going to work or not. I should also be able to work a lot on my Chinese (especially if I get the university job). This is how I am making things difficult for myself - by perversely deciding that the only place where I can happily live is in Beijing, where I don't speak the language, and have very few employment options...

Back to Singapore next week; I suppose I'll be back for the graduation ceremony in July, if I'm not bankrupt by then, but other than that, I wonder how often I'll be going back...

星期四, 十二月 22, 2005

Well..... is this it? I've just submitted my very, very last ever MBA project report. There's nothing more to do that contributes to my grades; only housekeeping stuff that doesn't matter much. So can I call myself... an MBA?

The report I've just sent in was for OB, and the result will come out in early January. I didn't engage as much with the course in the end as much as I had hoped, or would like to have done, but there's no way I can fail it (unless something has gone horribly wrong - I hope not, touch wood!). I already have the grades for the other three courses I took this semester at Tsinghua, and they're all As. So, barring a completely unexpected OB disaster, I have fulfilled the requirements to graduate.



So much has happened since that first 'Hello World' post in 2003... I've blogged before about how I have noticed the effects the MBA experience has had on my personality and my outlook, and without doubt I have changed a lot. Saying that, I notice that as the end has been approaching, and I've been sleeping more and destressing, a lot of my positive attributes have been resurfacing. It will take some time to internalise what it all means...

So much has happened.... Knowledge gained and reinterpreted... Relationships begun, and finished... Fresh options opened, and others unexpectedly closed.... So much money gone!

In the great tradition of MBA blogs, I'll be leaving this one soon. Don't know if I will leave it available as a ghost blog, or shut it down. I'll be posting for a little while longer, to wrap up, look back, and sum it all up.

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